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On the theme of Hollywood, from NL’s earliest film stars and filmmakers, through the lyrics of a Ron Hynes’ classic, and packed with buzz and scoops and did-you-knows. On the…

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We’re getting a great response to our spring issue, packed with assessments, appreciations, and imagery on the theme of Corner Stores. Where can you buy it? In St John’s, try…

Spirit Bird

BY Gary L Saunders

THE ROYAL CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, having canvassed the country for two years, had finally narrowed the search to Perisoreus canadensis, a robin-sized cousin of the raven and crow native to every province and territory and nowhere else on the planet. Unlike most of our birds, it stays up north year-round, nesting in temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. Hardy, smart, loyal and friendly – what could be more Canadian?