Look inside our Winter issue!


December 2020

The Winter issue of NQ is full of beings might make you feel better about spending so much time indoors!

Our theme is “Fabulous Creatures” and that includes everything from real life monsters, like giant squids, to stranger creatures indeed, including fairies, sea monsters, and UFOs.

We’re particularly excited about our cover, created by artist and musican, Patrick Canning. If you’d like to see more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram @Patrick_Canning_Loves where he shares his songs and his art. His imaginative illustration sets the tone for plenty of tales to come.

Speaking of illustration, we’ve got even more art between our pages than usual this month, including portfolios from Philippa Jones (dreamy and otherworldly!) and Anastasia Tiller (playful, cute, and weird!) along with a guide to the fabulous creatures of NL with wonderful illustrations by Nicole Ledrew May.

In Taking Care of Sweet Cakes, Cynthia Boyd grapples with being the primary caregiver of a rather large tarantula, and in Not Along in the World, Bob Hallett has the sort of encounter that would give both you and your dog the creeps.

There’s plenty more along with that, but to see it all, you’ll need to pick up your own copy, available at shops across NL. Want to make sure you never miss an issue? Subscribe or send a gift subscription here.

Stay safe, stay interesting, and keep reading!


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