About NQ

NQ Online is the digital home of Newfoundland Quarterly magazine. We publish creative non-fiction, fiction and visual art, with a focus on arts and culture connected to Newfoundland and Labrador. We publish new work and we publish excerpts and selections from Newfoundland Quarterly’s print edition.

Looking for information about our print edition? See here.


Our regular submission information is below; however, we’re also currently accepting submissions related to a Canada 150 theme. Please see here for full details.

Do you have a story you want to tell through NQ Online?

Send your pitches or stories to us at rcohoe@mun.ca.

What do we publish?

We fall in love with good stories, fiction and non-fiction. We welcome the unexpected: If you can make us see  familiar things in new ways, we want to read your work. We’re suckers for creativity.

Like you, we love our home and we want to stay connected. But, like you, we want to know our place in the world. Well take you along as we leave the island and the province–just so we can come back again.

Creative Non-fiction

We want to read a pitch. Keep it short. Show us:

1. The plot. What’s your story idea?

2. Your story’s main characters. Who you are going to talk to?

3. Your research. What have you read in other media about the topic?

4. The hook. What makes your idea different?

5. Your talent. How are you going to tell the story? (You can include a sample excerpt from the proposed story.)


To paraphrase a great writer or two: Fiction can be truer than fact. That’s why we love it.

That’s also why we’re taking fiction on this online journey with us.

Keep it short. Show us a new point of view. Tell us something we know in an unexpected way. We’re open to working with new, emerging writers as well as the writers we know and love already.

Microfiction-100-500 words

Short fiction-500-1000 words

Serialized fiction-A series of connected short pieces.

We’re open to any genre. So long as it makes us want to read it.


  • Photography
  • Drawing, painting, printmaking
  • Illustration


So you have other ideas? A podcast or a video? Something entirely different?

Send us a pitch. If we like it, we’ll find a way to make it work.


Writing: 25 cents per word.

Visual: Rates vary depending on style and the way we use it online. Check with us about your image or idea.

Other: Rates vary depending on the project.

Style Guide

Our online style sheet is based on the one we use for print; however there are some differences to allow for the more timely, playful and personal feeling we look for in online submissions.

This project has been made possible by the Government of Canada.