Winter issue on the stands!

December 2023

The theme is Travel, and we’ll take you from Bulgaria to Belleoram, from the cherry blossoms in Tokyo to a bull ride in Mexico, to childhood and back.

With writing from Edward Riche, Cynthia Boyd, Adam Walsh, and Katie Vautour, and artwork from Jessie Donaldson, Peter Jackson, and Cory Collins – and a gorgeous cover from David Baltzer. Subscriptions are available here, and we have retail outlets across the country. And you can also find us at the St John’s Farmer’s Market Stocking Stuffer Fair this Sunday!

(Cover image: David Baltzer; illustration, Katie Vautour)


BY Ryan Clowe

A woman stands at a gas pump outside Circle K, fueling her black hatchback. I am drawn to her pink zip-up jacket, a bright fashion statement against the dreariness of…

Getting Home

BY Kadie Cowan

I went upstairs to say goodbye to Mom and when I came back down Kathryn had finished packing my things in her car. “Is this seriously all you’re taking?” she…

Three Poems

BY Cheryl White

Sure, it takes all kinds.
Beautiful day, isn’t it?
At least you don’t have to shovel rain.
You want another Black Horse?