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September 2023

On the theme of Place, as in the geography, memory, and putting things in properly of. If you’d like to pick up an issue, or subscribe or give a subscription (thus earning a ticket towards winning the gorgeous painting by Jean Claude Roy on the cover), you can find details here.

Seeing Through Glass, Plastic and Ice

BY Matthew Hollett

When I signed up for my first photography class in art school, my dad rummaged around in the basement and placed a heavy leather case in my hands. I unbuckled it to find his old 35mm camera, a Zenit EM. It had an enormous dent above the lens, as if it had deflected a bullet, and its selenium light meter, mysteriously, did not require batteries.

A Sketch of Stephen

BY Paul Whittle

This is an excerpt of Paul Whittle’s story A Sketch of Stephen. The story is part of a new collection released by Breakwater Books called Best Kind. The collection features…