“While I was painting, I could hear the sounds of the community, dogs barking, cars driving by, people calling out to me, crows cawing and the wind blowing through the coves.”

March 2023

Clifford George lives and works in Whiteway, Trinity Bay. He has actively painted and exhibited since 1970. While primarily self-taught, he received a formal art education at the College of Trades and Technology in St John’s, graduating in 1972. His career post-education was as a sign painter, and he continued his art education by doing private study and workshops with some of the most important artists in Newfoundland like Gerald Squires, Frank LaPointe, and Don Wright. Later, his drawing ability led him to a job as a medical artist at the Health Science Centres, where his drawings were published in many international medical journals. George’s paintings are in both public and private collections around the world.

He is an ardent and tireless champion of the Newfoundland pony. “They played a role in every part of Newfoundland life. They are distinct like Newfoundland’s are distinct.” Together with veterinarian Dr Andrew Fraser he founded The Newfoundland Pony Society in 1981.

A Celebration of Life and Place continues at Christina Parker Gallery until April 1. The exhibition opening, postponed due to weather, is March 18, 3pm-5pm. (Artworks: Crowhead, Twillingate; Cozy Summers, Trinity East; Skerwick; all acrylic on canvas, 2022: courtesy Christina Parker Gallery.)