New Issue Podcast: All Things “Corner Store”


April 2023

Our editor, Joan Sullivan, joined Adam Walsh, host of the Signal on CBC, to chat about all things “corner store”. They were joined by guests Paul Rowe, Reed Weir, David Michael, and Eva Crocker for a colourful look at the role that corner stores play in the life of this province.

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Art by Jessie Donaldson

NL Q and A: Elisabeth de Mariaffi

BY Joan Sullivan

I usually come to new stories with either a first line or a first image in mind. With Hysteria, it was an image – almost a moment, really. A young mother, lounging on a wooden raft in a quiet pond with her child, suddenly is witness to a strange and unexplainable event. It’s a hot and lazy day, the woman is half-dozing. She looks up to see a second child, a strange little girl, has appeared out of nowhere.

Tuning in to Spring Theme

“During the past few weeks on Open Line, we have discussed the hellholes in the Middle East, victims of sexual abuse, teenage abortions, the inadequacies of the justice system, a…