Sunny Portugal

January 2018

In the spirt of the New Year, and accordance with our spring issue theme, NQ resolves to temporarily relocate to Lisbon, Portugal, for research, interviews, and atmosphere in exploring the historic and cultural links between that country and Newfoundland and Labrador (even the latter name resonates with connection.) We’re working on a number of stories, including:

In 1917, a young Portuguese sailor volunteered for the Newfoundland Regiment – the only soldier in the Regiment from that country (itself allied against the Central Powers). Who was he? What was his fate? Questions that NQ will pursue in the city of his birth.

We’ve also found another intriguing ripple of the Portugal-NL connection. Can you guess what this place is?

Where is this landscape?

You’ll have to wait until the Spring issue is released in April to find out. Also, we have a special treat coming in the form of our cover.

Stay tuned!



BY Clancy Margaret

The wind was still, but the cold was biting all the same. Stepping outside made her sinuses burn and her eyes water. She brushed the snow off the seat of her snowmobile—a mid-nineties Ski-Doo, always giving her trouble. She surveyed the town as she waited for the engine to warm up. It’s squat vinyl sided homes glowed amidst the dim winter daytime. Snowmobile tracks crisscrossed on the road but not a person was in sight. She checked her handheld GPS. The coordinates lined up with somewhere northwest, about a forty-five minute ride under the blanket of dark. There were no stars today. It was always cloudy.

Dan of the Galapagos (4 of 7)

BY Monica Walsh

Dan is always the nice guy. He is always the one who does the favours, the one who doesn’t’ get the girl, the one who is last to be chosen and first to be bossed around. But that night in Ropewalk Lane, he walked home a different man.