Spotting the ocean at the head of the trail – photographer Ritche Perez captures the sea

December 2022

“First time hiking around Madrock in Bay Roberts. A rainbow connecting the rocks together surprised me just as I made it to the edge of the cliff.”

“I’m on the East Coast Trail in Portugal Cove looking northwards to Bell Island and Conception Bay North. It was a stormy and windy day, the ocean was beginning to calm and the clouds were opening up to the sun as I was ending my hike on that stormy day.”

“Sunset in Portugal Cove, there’s a little dirt parking lot where couples came to sit in their cars waiting for the sun to set. Some with Tim’s Coffee and cell phones preparing to take a snap for their social media posts.”

“I heard about a whale carcass out in Outer Cove, I can only remember the strong smell and the crashing waves pushing and keeping the whale up on the shore. There were plenty of birds trying to feast but the waves would not leave it alone.”

Ritche Perez works in photography and digital media. To see more of his work follow him on Instagram @ritche.perez

(Title inspired by this fine song by Toad the Wet Sprocket.)

This is the sixth and final in an ocean-focused series made possible by The Big Splash Fund.



BY Clancy Margaret

The wind was still, but the cold was biting all the same. Stepping outside made her sinuses burn and her eyes water. She brushed the snow off the seat of her snowmobile—a mid-nineties Ski-Doo, always giving her trouble. She surveyed the town as she waited for the engine to warm up. It’s squat vinyl sided homes glowed amidst the dim winter daytime. Snowmobile tracks crisscrossed on the road but not a person was in sight. She checked her handheld GPS. The coordinates lined up with somewhere northwest, about a forty-five minute ride under the blanket of dark. There were no stars today. It was always cloudy.