Is a seal a fish?

February 2024

We’ve often heard that none less than the Pope, or a pope, or the Bishop, or a bishop, decreed that seals were fish – not meat – opening a food source for Newfoundland Catholics during Lent and for Good Friday during a hungry time of year. But is it true? The Church, and other entities, have reclassified various foodstuffs for various reasons, It’s still a month or so out from Good Friday (March 29); good time to ponder this question and perhaps organize another favourite option.

(Image: Seals on the Rocks, by Albert Bierstadt)

Red & Blue

BY Terry Doyle

“We should really go to the Beaumont Hamel ceremony. A hundred years,” Jill said. “Where is it?” “The Rooms.” “But it’s Canada Day,” Tyler said. “It’s Memorial Day. Until noon…