For the Love of Landscape: a new group exhibition at the Leyton Gallery

March 2023

Twenty artists, thirty-three works in oil, acrylic, woodcut, pen and ink, and more.

Seascapes and forest views, travelling fireweed and dancing birds. Continuing at The Leyton Gallery of Fine Art until March 17.

(Images: Amy Holloway, Still, oil on canvas; Lori Deeley, The Mash, watercolour, ink and charcoal; Lori Deeley, Tidal, ink and watercolour, courtesy The Leyton Gallery)

Q and A with Artist Emily Pittman


Emily Pittman is a visual artist and writer who was born in Clarenville and is now based in St John’s. She graduated from the University of Guelph in April of…

Sending Up Kites

BY Matthew Hollett

NEWFOUNDLAND QUARTERLY was founded in 1901, the same year Marconi flew a 500-foot kite on Signal Hill and intercepted the first trans-Atlantic wireless transmission. The second-oldest magazine in Canada, NQ began as “a literary magazine of interest to Newfoundlanders at home and abroad,” which is not far off the way it describes itself today, as “a cultural journal of Newfoundland and Labrador.” That’s a remarkable persistency of purpose over 116 years.