Call for submissions

November 2017, the Newfoundland Quarterly’s online alter-ego is seeking creative non-fiction, columns, articles, personal narrative, fiction, and poetry on a number of topics relevant to the 150th anniversary of Canada.

Relevant themes could include:

  • Belonging
  • Home
  • Place
  • Canadian and/or NL identity
  • Labrador within NL and Canada
  • NL and NLers place and experiences in Canada, and/or in the world, past or present
  • Looking ahead to the next 150 years

We encourage you to approach these themes with as much creativity as possible. Submissions don’t need to address Canada 150 directly: writers may consider the themes as a starting place, but should extend their thinking as far and broad as they like. Work should unexpected, lively, and should interpret the culture and the history of this place and people in new ways.

We are interested in submissions from both established authors and new voices. Work must be previously unpublished. For more information about our pay rates and specifications, please see

Interested? Please send your submission or pitch to Submissions will be accepted until December 22, 2017.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

Sending Up Kites

BY Matthew Hollett

NEWFOUNDLAND QUARTERLY was founded in 1901, the same year Marconi flew a 500-foot kite on Signal Hill and intercepted the first trans-Atlantic wireless transmission. The second-oldest magazine in Canada, NQ began as “a literary magazine of interest to Newfoundlanders at home and abroad,” which is not far off the way it describes itself today, as “a cultural journal of Newfoundland and Labrador.” That’s a remarkable persistency of purpose over 116 years.

Our Summer issue is here!


Summer is here, and so is another issue of Newfoundland Quarterly! This time, we’re exploring the idea of composition: we’re putting things and ideas together, seeing how one concept, stitch…