Rebecca Cohoe

Special Projects Manager,


Q and A with Robert Finley

Rebecca was born on a dirt road just outside the dairy capital of Canada. She’s a bit of a dabbler, but these days spends her time looking for creative and...

Call for submissions, the Newfoundland Quarterly’s online alter-ego is seeking creative non-fiction, columns, articles, personal narrative, fiction, and poetry on a number of topics relevant to the 150th anniversary of Canada.

Personal soundtrack- A chat with Jamie Fitzpatrick

“When you’re young, you use music to invent yourself.” So said Jamie Fitzpatrick when I spoke with him about his second novel, The End of Music. Throughout the story, popular songs, from old standards to indie rock, shape the world of his characters. Our conversation ranged from his hometown of Gander to whether or not it is wrong to make your children listen to The Eagles in the car.