Our Winter Issue has Arrived!


December 2018

NQ Winter 2018 cover illustration by Vanessa Iddon.

It’s getting colder out there, but luckily the Winter issue of NQ is now on-stands, ready to warm you up like a mug of hot cocoa.

It would also make a lovely present: you can send a gift subscription easily with our new online subscription service.

We’re excited to present the NQ debut of our cover artist, illustrator Vanessa Iddon. She did a fantastic job of interpreting our theme, Maps. If you’d like to learn more about Vanessa, you can follow her on Instagram (@Vanessa_Iddon) where she posts new artwork every single day.

Open the magazine, and you’ll find our tribute Mary Pratt, with a number of interesting folks sharing what it is that makes her work so compelling. We’re also pleased to share a portfolio sharing the latest work by her son, Ned Pratt (you can catch his exhibit until January 20th, at the Rooms.)

We think you’ll find our conversation with Matthew Frame, Head of Modern Archives and Manuscripts at the British Public Library, particularly interesting. He’s the co-curator of James Cook: the Voyages, an exhibit marking the 250th anniversary of the Endeavour sailing from Plymouth, England. Believe it or not, Cook is responsible for naming many NL communities, including Bonne Bay, Belleoram, and Unfortunate Cove (where he injured his hand!)

We’ve also got new fiction from Paul Whittle. In Young Americans, a young Newfoundlander marvels at his relatives south of the border, connecting, and disconnecting, over Elton John and Jaws.

There’s plenty more along with that, but to see it all, you’ll need to pick up your own copy, available at shops across NL. Want to make sure you never miss an issue? Subscribe or send a gift subscription here.

Stay warm, stay interesting, and keep reading!

Q & A with Michelle Myrick-Olsen

BY Joan Sullivan

Michelle Myrick-Olsen was born and raised at Cape Pine Lighthouse in St Shott’s.  A self-taught musician and visual artist, Michelle has visited over 40 countries, living and working in Saudi…

Sending Up Kites

BY Matthew Hollett

NEWFOUNDLAND QUARTERLY was founded in 1901, the same year Marconi flew a 500-foot kite on Signal Hill and intercepted the first trans-Atlantic wireless transmission. The second-oldest magazine in Canada, NQ began as “a literary magazine of interest to Newfoundlanders at home and abroad,” which is not far off the way it describes itself today, as “a cultural journal of Newfoundland and Labrador.” That’s a remarkable persistency of purpose over 116 years.