NQ Event: Sharing the Stage

October 2018

Sharing the Stage: Memorial University and the Arts Community in NL

It seems like everyone you meet here is an artist…

Newfoundland and Labrador punches above its weight when it comes to arts and culture. From comedy and theatre, to music and writing, the arts of this province have helped make Newfoundland and Labrador creativity famous from coast to coast.

While there may be something in the water, another thing that many arts initiatives have had in common is a connection to Memorial. From the culturally defining comedy of CODCO that was supported through Memorial Extension, to the scores of writing collectives that have emerged from the English Department, the partnerships between our arts communities and Memorial have enriched our sense of who we are as a province.

Join us for a conversation between some of the characters behind the initiatives, including Andy Jones, Greg Malone, Pam Hall, Melissa Barbeau, and Ian Sutherland as they discuss community university collaboration in the arts, today, yesterday, and into the future.

Tickets are $10 and are available at https://event-wizard.com/events/SharingTheStage/

All proceeds will go directly to NL artists and writers through NQonline.ca.

A wine and cheese reception will follow the event, with music provided by Mary Barry.

We’d like to thank our sponsor, Alt Hotel St. John’s for their support!

This event is being presented as part of People, Place, and Public Engagement, a conference about community-university collaboration. For more information, please see www.mun.ca/publicengagement/pppconference.

Image by Pam Hall.

Q and A with Filmmaker Benjamin Noah


There is something gloriously epic about this island. It adds incredible production value if you are willing to spend long days out in the cold to get the shots right. Newfoundland is a broad canvas and I want to make ambitious brush strokes, so it’s a good fit. 

Scavenged art

BY Ellen Curtis

WHEN PEOPLE COME to me after seeing my art, and I get to use found material, they might bring me broken things or stuff that’s been kicking around their house, and then I get to make something out of that.

Lisbon Bureau: Week 2

BY Joan Sullivan

And of course our setting is infusing the writing and imagery, in theme and topics and focus. An unusual period of rain and thunderstorms isn’t keeping us from our explorations and conversations and engagement with our exotic locale.