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August 2017

Yoursalem Mehonte is one of the many refugees who make a new home in Newfoundland and Labrador each year. She exhibited photographs with the “Home Is Where the Heart Feels” exhibition at St. John’s City Hall (June 20-July 11). We asked her to tell us more about one of her photographs. This is her story.

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Why do you take pictures?

Yoursalem: Photography lets me share my experience as a refugee in Canada, so people can see where I came from and how my life has changed. 

St. Maurice Coptic Orthodox Church at Easter | Home is Where the Heart Feels | Yoursalem Mehonte | 2017

At Easter time at my church (St. Maurice Coptic Orthodox Church in Mount Pearl) I took a picture of some of the people there. It was a happy moment. I attend the church regularly. It’s so important that we are able to practice our religion. Here, we are all the same, Christians and Muslims. I can interact with a lot of different people here too. In Sudan, if people saw you wearing a cross, they wouldn’t like you. I would have to hide mine. I have freedom now, here.

I was a refugee in Sudan for 20 years because I didn’t have citizenship. I was born in the camp.

Before I came to Canada, I did some photography, and since moving here I flew out to a session in Winnipeg for photographers.

From Eritrea to Canada: What led to the decision to come here?

Yoursalem: There was no freedom there. I couldn’t do anything. It was a hard life. I was a refugee in Sudan for 20 years because I didn’t have citizenship. I was born in the camp. When I was in Sudan, I didn’t finish my education because I had to help my mom after my dad passed away when I was two. My mom was sick, and she couldn’t go to work and earn money. I stopped my education to help her.

In 2015, I came here with my family: one brother, two sisters, and my mom. At the camp, we were called to do the medicals to come here from Sudan. I was so happy that we came to such a safe province and country. We have been here two years now. I can go out with different groups here. Last year I did volunteer sessions. I’ve been so happy to start my education again. I started the language school to improve my English, and then I started my ABE program, and soon I’ll be continuing my education at Academy Canada. I want to study business.

Yoursalem Mehonte

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