Drew Brown

What role does art play in Newfoundland and Labrador politics? Does it hang muted in the halls of power like motel landscapes, or does it fire the imaginations of our lawgivers?



The Great Auk got a raw deal. Setting its cloned Razorbill-hybrid progeny down on Funk Island as an act of atonement is a tempting proposition. Easing our collective guilt aside, a resurrected Auk could be an economic boon. Every cove and tickle would put in an ACOA grant to host a penguin hatchery.

Art, Politics and a Government building

I'M NOT GOING TO TALK about the politics in art. I’ll leave that for the tragically underemployed fine arts students. I’m going to flip that upside-down and talk about the place of art in politics. Right here, in Newfoundland and Labrador.